Kite surfing

Kite surfing

Enjoying 300 days of sunshine a year, little rain and good winds, Algarve has privileged weather conditions for all water sports. Average temperatures in summer range from 24ºC to 31ºC, in winter 15ºC to 19ºC. Sea water temperatures are from 21º to 24ºC in summer and from 15ºC to 19ºC in winter. The Algarve coastline is over 200 km in extension and more than 70% of it consists of natural reservations. Long dunes and lagoons dominate the eastern part of the Algarvian coast, offering outstanding conditions for kite surfing. The central coast is rich in sheltered beaches and pictoresque cliffs. The western part of our coast is having high cliffs and high wives, very good for wave surfing or kitesurf on the waves.

Obtain kite boarding skills and get an internationally valid IKO kiteboarder card after doing this course. Certified IKO monitors teach you the basics for kite boarding in calm, relaxed and shallow lagoons.

Kite school program 

Level 1: Discovery

Entry level: No experience needed, just be able to swim.

The best way to discover kite boarding! By the end of this program you will be ready to move up to the next step: getting up on the board. The first part of this program will take you through the steps of piloting a 2 or 4 lines kite, and body dragging in the water. You will also learn about safety and how important it is in this sport. Furthermore you will be taken through the steps of equipment set up, launching and landing.

Achievement: Get your level certified up to level 1 from the kiteboarder card. You have been initiated and are now ready to continue learning safely.

Level 2: Intermediate

Entry level: Kiteboarder level 1 or equivalent skill level.

By the end of this program you will get up on the board for your first ride. During the course you will improve kite piloting with power , one hand kite piloting, body dragging unhooked and hooked into your harness. perfevt for those who wish to practice a few times per year and rent equipment during holidays.

Achievement: Get your level certified up to level 2 from the kiteboarder card. Ability to rent equipment and practise under supervision.

Level 3: Independent

Entry level: Kiteboarder level 2 or equivalent skill level.

You will be able to ride upwind and do your first jump! During this program you will learn how to manage your practice area and to choose your equipment. Your kite flying skills will be improved and you will learn how to control your direction and power and how to come back to the starting point. You will be able to fly more powerful kites, to use a twin tip, mutant or a smaller directional board.

Achievement: Get your level certified up to level 3 from the kite boarder card. Become an independent kiteboarder, buy your own equipment, access the advanced clinic program, or become an assistant instructor.

A day at the kite school would include:

  • IKO certification with Kiteboarder Card
  • Full insurance
  • Presence and availability of rescue boat
  • Use of safe equipment from North Kiteboarding (Rebel, EVO and boards)

The mobile kite school runs courses daily, all year round, as long as weather and sea conditions allow.

Discovery course, 4-5 hours: 150 euro

Intermediate course, 4-5 hours: 150 euro

Independent course, min 3 hours: 38 euro per hour

Hotel pick up in Albufeira: 20 euro 

If you don't need lessons, there's equipment rental and daily kite trips available.

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