Mountain bike training week

01/01/2010 00:00

The mountain bike centre situated in Lagos provides bespoke holidays for racers wanting to get fit before the start of a race season. The location in the south west corner of Algarve is ideal for mountainbiking, with a 1000m extinct volcano only 30 km away, a vast natural park on the west coast and endless dirt roads and single tracks surrounding Lagos. The pre-season training holidays only run outside of the main tourist season. Catered is for down hill, cross country and endurance racers. Video facilities are available if you want to review the day's riding and analyse riding technique. 

Down hill 

There is a mountain nearby with 3 downhill/freeride tracks. The mountain next to it has a technical downhill single track and a downhill track. We also have a national competition track less than an hours drive away, with many more tracks on this hill. To get the best from your day the vehicles are used to do shuttle runs. A typical week will involve a mix of downhill riding and cross country rides for endurance. Bikes are available for cross country riding, but for the downhill training you will have to bring your own bikes and equipment. 

Cross country/Endurance

There are several technical cross country rides up to 60 km long, which you can  ride as far and as often as you want depending on what you're training for. There's a 1000m mountain if you want to train for climbs and MIAS qualified instructors can help you with the technical riding.  


The pension style accommodation is situated in a quiet area, but near the centre of Lagos, very clean and only 5 minutes walk away from restaurants and bars. There are twin and double rooms available. Single occupancy is available but a supplement can apply in peak season. The pension also has a kitchen and a large sun terrace for guests to use. A washing machine is available for a small charge. There is no TV at the pension but most sporting events you can watch in the bars in town.

Prices*        in pension pp*    hard tail hire*    full susp. hire* 

3 nights                215                    30                    60

4 nights                275                    40                    80

5 nights                330                    50                    100                    

6 nights                380                    60                    120

7 nights                425                    70                    140

  • * Prices in euros, any time of the year
  • * Hardtail hire: Specialized Hardrock sport disc and safety helmet
  • * Full susp. hire: Specialized Stumpjumper/Enduro/Pitch and safety helmet
  • * SPD pedals available on request

Pre booking information

In order for you to get the best out of your holiday please indicate any special requirements and answer the following questions on your booking form:

1.    Do you have any food allergies?

2.    Do you have any special food requirements?

3.    Do you have a physical condition that we need to know about?

4.    Please indicate your level of fitness using the chart below:

  1. You can ride up to 3 hours on flat or very gradual hills.
  2. You can ride up to 4 hours on hilly or technical routes.
  3. You can ride all day on moderate pace on technical routes with steep hills.
  4. You can ride any terrain at a race or very high pace for long periods. 

5.    Please indicate your technical level using the chart below:

  1. You would prefer to ride on tarmac, smooth dirt roads or cycle routes.
  2. You can ride on rough dirt roads and single track without any steep climbs, descents or loose rocks.
  3. You are happy to ride technical single tracks without big drops, jumps or very technical rock descents.
  4. You can ride very technical rock climbs and descents and tackle jumps and drops over 1m.

Bookings and inquiries:

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Mountain bike training week

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