loulé btt m, cortelha, 26 km

23/02/2010 14:12

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BTT M Cortelha

Some of the original mountain bike circuits in the council of Loulé have recently been decorated with a formal information panel at the starting point. So is this one at Cortelha's football pitch, promising a beautiful tour through the heart of the Serra do Caldeirão. The tour is beautiful indeed, but it is a pity that the original marks and signposting have not received an update. At least not until the day that we logged this track (spring 2009). Hopefully the people from the municipality of Loulé will execute this job since not every everyone is using a gps and Prof. Arménio's routes deserve so. Certainly this one because the ride is showing a lot of what Serra do Caldeirão has to offer to visitors. Great views from hill tops, abandoned hamlets like Pêro de Elvas or Vale Luis Neto and typical villages such as Montes Novos, Cumeada or Vale Maria Dias. We hardly take any tarmac roads. The old rural tracks are excellent for mountain biking. Technically the route is not very complicated. But it is almost constantly going up or down and although not very long, a few serious hills can not be avoided.

Distance: 25,56 km

Accumulated ascent: 456 m.

Our rating: 

  • Technical difficulty: 2/5
  • Physical difficulty: 3/5
  • Scenery: 4/5

 Points of interest:

Track author: Prof. Arménio, www.cm-loule.pt