loulé btt h, monte seco, 19 km

06/04/2010 18:45


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BTT H Monte Seco

Monte Seco is the small village to start Loulé's mountain bike route h, another little jewel put together by Prof. Arménio. Two cafés and a mini market make the village's centre from where we leave uphill. Soon there's less and less houses along the road and we take a left to dive down. Just before the Boa Hora chapel we join a stretch already visited doing the btt l ride coming from Parragil. The 2 circuits run together for a few kilometers. There where the Parragil ride follows an easier route lower in the valley, this time we continue to climb the rocky path which takes us to the Caminho de Monte Seco. This high running track provides us with great views of the Algibre valley to the north and a wonderful descent touching again the btt l circuit at the bottom of Picota's São Faustino area.

The rough trails in the Algibre valley make superb mountain biking. Slowly we turn north, heading for the river herself., mainly downhill. To add to all the fun we find single track following the river east. It is possible to follow these tracks along the river until Ribeira de Algibre village. However, when the river allows, do cross to the northern bank following Prof. Arménio's original route. These single tracks are less explored and dense vegetation provides shade. Surprisingly we find an otter jumping away from our front wheels disappearing into the river bed canes. After crossing to the south side again we get to Ribeira de Algibre village. Quickly we go off road again onto a small old rural track for the last climb to Monte Seco. Not an easy climb, but we are sorry to end this very complete biking route that includes all the goodies an Algarvian ride can have.

Distance: 18,93 km.

Accumulated ascent: 302 m.

Our rating:

  • Technical difficulty: 3/5
  • Physical difficulty: 3/5
  • Scenery: 4/5

Points of interest:

Track author: Prof. Arménio, www.cm-loule.pt