Rock climbing on the roof of Algarve

Rock climbing on the roof of Algarve

The north slope of Algarve's highest mountain Foía (902 m.) is the setting for a half day's course to initiate in mastering the techniques for rock climbing and abseiling (rappel). This group of rocks of volcanic origin is ideal to serve climbers from low to average level.

Qualified instructors teach you the appropriate techniques for using your hands, feet and equipment in order to climb natural or artificial obstacles.

Abseiling or rappel is the technique used for descending steep slopes using a fixed rope and equipment that enables speed control and safety. You are constantly monitored since it is important that the rope reaches the ground and that the fastening is safe. The right hand controls the speed of descent and the left is for balance.

This day amidst Monchique's impressive natural scenery also includes learning the technique of the handrail, which is the use of a rope with regular fastenings to enable moving along narrow edges in safety.

The climbing course can be done any day, all year round, subject to weather conditions in Monchique. 

Half day course: 60 euro, minimum of 2 participants    

Pick up service for up to 8 persons available from: 

  • Portimão, Alvor, Carvoeiro, Aljezur: 40 euro
  • Lagos, Luz: 50 euro
  • Albufeira, Armação de Pêra: 70 euro
  • Quarteira, Vilamoura: 80 euro

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