Paderne valley

Paderne valley

This route, which can be around 50, or 75 km, has been specifically designed for a mixture of abilities. There are few hills and most of the roads are traffic-free and smooth under wheel. But if you want to push yourself just that little bit harder, you can simply up the pace on the hills.

Depending on the group size and ability, we can start the tour at Albufeira Bike Rental shop in central Albufeira (and this will provide an extra challenge as you climb a couple of small hills out of town). Alternatively, we may transfer you to the quaint old town of Paderne, shaving a little more than 20 km off the overall distance and avoiding that first hill.  


Paderne is set in a lush green valley, making for very a very pleasant start to your ride. It is also the gateway to an expansive and peaceful rural landscape that is punctuated by sleepy villages and working farms. It's a far cry from the bustling tourist destinations that hug the coast.

As we navigate our way along the quiet roads (you can easily go ten minutes without seeing a single car), there is plenty to arouse the senses. As you take in the fresh country air you can't help but feel energised. The beautiful scenery makes for an extremely pleasurable ride, where the kilometres just seem to dissappear without you really noticing!

Our coffee stop is in the small working town of Algoz, at a fabulous local café that prepares some of the best tostas mistas (toasted cheese and ham sandwiches) in the area. Or you can sample some of their freshly made cakes, you will certianly have earned it after forty-odd kms of steady cycling.

Back on the road we take a short cut through the smallest of villages and, as we skirt the edge of Paderne, with its orange orchards and nurseries, we join a long straight road in direction of Albufeira, perfect for a quick sprint before we reach the end of the ride.

Distances can vary, but typically range from around 50 to 75 kms. This tour is appropriate for easy to intermediate riders.

We run this tour every Monday and will last around 3/4 hrs including a café break. 

Price of €60,00 includes: Transfers from accommodation in Central Algarve region if needed, 3/4 hour cycling tour, insurance, bike & helmet hire. You just need to bring water, appropriate clothing and sun screen on hot days!

For group bookings, bespoke tours and special requests, don't hesitate to contact us. We will do whatever we can to help.

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