Nordic walking clinics

Nordic walking clinics

Nordic walking is similar to regular walking, but with the use of specifically designed nordic walking poles, up to 40% more effective. The light weight carbon poles help you not only use your legs, but also involve and train your upper body while walking. Nowadays nordic walking is known as one of the most sociable sport activities in combination with very effective exercise techniques.

Nordic walking trains the arms, the shoulders, the chest and the back muscles with an effective variety of stretching and lengthening muscles which are often tight. Special focus is on relaxing the neck muscles during this exercise. In addition nordic walking increases your heart rate without increasing your perceived rate of exertion. You get a more intensive work out without actually noticing that you are working any harder. As a result you will burn more calories. 

With the correct nordic walking technique you can:

  • burn up to 40% more calories than during a regular walk
  • reduce stress on joints and ligaments while walking
  • strengthen your upper body

Learn the nordic walking technique in the sun, monitored by a qualified and experienced guide and free use of the official nordic walking poles! A package of 10 clinics can introduce you to the basic elements of nordic walking and teach you how to achieve the maximum effect of this healthy and fun way of exercising.   

The serene natural scenery of the Ria de Alvor near Quinta da Rocha offers beautiful nordic walking conditions. The route is about 6 km long and takes you along quiet and mostly flat paths. If you have a moderate level of fitness you can join the clinics every monday morning at 10.00 hours. Each session takes 2 hours and is given in English, Portuguese, German or Dutch.

10 clinics of 2 hours: 200 euro

Private nordic walking clinics for yourself or you and your friends can be organised on request.

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