Querença & Fonte Benémola (Loulé)

Querença & Fonte Benémola (Loulé)

A 4 hour walk at the hill top village of Querença is a beautiful introduction to the Algarvian interior. Querença is situated in the middle of the so called Barrocal, a transition area in between the Algarvian coast and the northern mountain range. It is a very fertile area with innumerous wells and springs coming out of limestone soil powering ingenious irrigation systems of Arab design. Fonte Benémola is one of those springs in the valley below Querença. Preserved from intense agricultural exploration by its steep hill sides it gained the status of Classified Site in 1991.

The experienced guide takes you through the picturesque village with its 16th century main church, local liquor factory and typical café restaurants. The Menalva river valley below is a treasure of biodiversity, well observable from the meandering single tracks along the river banks. The abundant growing canes are locally transformed into baskets and other utilities. Cork oak, holm oak, ash tree, willow, arbutus, anã palm, rock rose, oleander, mastic, juniper and furze and of course rosemary, lavender and thyme can easily be seen by walkers growing on the hill sides. In and out of the water from the Menalva river one may see otters, frogs, tortoises, salamanders, tritons and toads. The Fonte Benémola site is no exception to the many birdwatching hotspots in Algarve. Walkers and ornithologists may spot a hoopoe, kingfisher, bee-eater, warbler, azure-winged magpie or capped heron amongst others.

The walking tour can be booked for any week day, all year round. The guiding is in English and insurance is included.

4 hour tour: 40 euro

Bookings and inquiriestoursandtracks@mail.telepac.pt

Querença & Fonte Benémola

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