Birdwatching at Lagoa dos Salgados near Albufeira

Birdwatching at Lagoa dos Salgados near Albufeira

Lagoa dos Salgados is a medium-sized coastal lagoon, surrounded by a dune system and farming fields. With easy access between Albufeira and Silves, it is well known for its abundance of wonderful species with more than 200 different birds having already been registered.

It is condidered a national hotspot and is well known for birdwatching as well as the occurrence of rarities. In this Important Bird Area (IBA) you can observe, amongst others. the Marsh Harrier, the Purple Heron, the Ferruginous Duck, the Collared Pratincole or the Penduline Tit.

The sleek and slender Lesser Yellowleg and Pectoral Sandpiper are some of the North American finds registered annually at Salgados lagoon. As season highlights. we suggest a spring tour when you will have the opportunity to appreciate many species at the start of the breeding season as well the blossoming of an endemic yet beautiful flower, Linaria Algarvia.

The autumn, with its migrations, is the most exciting season of the year for birdwatching when most rarities can be observed.

Birdwatching at Lagoa dos Salgados is a truly unique experience. Join us on one of our tours where you will be accompanied by a tour guide who will share theirextensive knowledge with you.

Come and discover this idyllic place

  • Meeting point: Lagoa dos Salgados car park
  • Guiding by experienced bird watching guide
  • Including use of binoculars and spotting scope
  • 4 - 5 hour activity
  • Price: 40 euro pp
  • Pick up in Albufeira area available at 7 euro pp
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