Birdwatching at Cabo de São Vicente & Sagres

Birdwatching at Cabo de São Vicente & Sagres

Sagres not only has a privilleged position, it is also the most important migratory corridor in our country with 20 soaring species and more than 4000 birds flying over this area, heading for Africa in autumn.

The Black Kite, the Honey Buzzard, the Egyptian Vulture and Eleonora's Falcon are some of the species observed in Autumn. During this same season the other particularity is the great number of passarines that migrate to the area.

The Little Bustard, the Blue Rock Thrush, the Red-Billed Chough and the Dartford Warbler are just some of the resident species that can be seen all year round.

This very special birdwatching tour at Cabo de São Vicente and Sagres is organised in groups from 1 to 8 persons accompanied by a guide. It is very important to us that our activity does not disturb any of the wildlife or their habitats, which is why we have a strong commitment to perform these observations with the least possible ecological impact.

  • Meeting point in Sagres
  • Guiding by experienced bird watching guide
  • Including use of binoculars and spotting scope
  • 4 to 8 hour activity
  • Price: 80 euro pp
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