loulé btt j, salir, 16 km

09/02/2010 17:52

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BTT J Salir

One of the classic mountain bike circuits by Prof. Arménio is to be found at Salir in the council of Loulé, starting at the local swimming pool and football pitch. It is not a very difficult ride, only a few more demanding stretches on the rocky paths through typical Barrocal area with it's fertile red, sticky clay and innumerous springs and 'noras'. Especially along the first part of the ride in south western direction many of these ingenious water pumps of Arab design can be seen. At Fonte Figueira the route turns east to go around Salir, down to and through the Moinhos river and up to the pretty hamlet of Palmeiros after following some rocky single tracks. We get great views of the Serra do Caldeirão north of us and do some more lovely descending passing the Moreno spring and through the Seco river. After crossing main road 124 we head west again along the foot of the hill range in direction of the Classified Site of Rocha da Pena. This ride won't take us there since we finish in Salir before, but the impressive limestone formation with it's caves and stone walls dating back to the Iron Age is well worth a visit.

Distance: 15,98 km.

Accumulated ascent: 262 m.

Our rating:

  • Technical difficulty: 2/5
  • Fysical difficulty: 3/5
  • Scenery: 4/5

Points of interest:

  • Ruins of the 12th or 13th century Mourish castle in Salir and archaeological site
  • Classified site of Rocha da Pena
  • Barrocal, Natura 2000 PTCON0049, www.icnb.pt

Food & drinks:

  • Several cafés and restaurants in the centre of Salir
  • Café Jardim near the roundabout on national road 124 close to the starting point
  • Café da Ponte, along the track after 4 km

Track author: Prof. Arménio, www.cm-loule.pt