aljezur btt 2, bordeira, 19 km

16/03/2010 18:16

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BTT 2 Trail of Aromas

Mountain bike route in the middle of the Vicentina Natural Park (PNSACV) at the village of Bordeira, Aljezur council. This 100% dirt road circuit starts at the entrance of Bordeira, but away from the village in northwestern direction, following rocky open, windswept trails until Monte Novo. here the route turns south via much similar tracks parallel to the ones coming up, but closer to the western coast. At Monte Novo however, one should not turn south immediately. Although it logically means having to climb back, it is recommended to ride all the bumpy way down to the beach of Vale Figueiras. Not only for the joy of descending, but also to visit this lovely place. Well hidden and little frequented, may be just by some surfers attracted by the hot spots of famous west coast waves. It will be worth to the climb back up to Monte Novo to join there the original route. Eventually the rough and rocky tracks through this open country come to a peaceful end at the Bordeira river valley, which after crossing leads us gently back to Bordeira.

Distance: 18,79 km

Accumulated ascent: 358 m.

Our rating:

  • Technical difficulty: 2/5
  • Physical difficulty: 3/5
  • Scenery: 3/5

 Points of interest:

  • Vicentina Natural Park (PNSACV),
  • Costa Sudoeste, Natura 2000 PTZPE0015, PTCON0012,
  • Bordeira's 18th century church
  • Museum of Sea and Land in Carrapateira (Museu do Mar e da Terra)

Track author: Bordeira parish from the municipality of Aljezur,