Biking Breaks

Via Algarviana 2021 - guided mtb adventure

03/11/2021 09:00
This challenging, guided cross country mountain bike holiday spans the whole of the Via Algarviana, a little known network of ancient tracks connecting the people of Southern Portugal to their land and settlements. lt will challenge your skills, with over 300 kilometers (and a daily...

Rota Vicentina 2020 - the historical way

19/11/2020 08:00
This cross country mtb tour in Portugal's south western corner is a guided adventure of 3 nights and 4 days riding. Dipping in and out of the Vicentina Natural Park (PNSACV - Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina) on a mountain bike is an excellent way to get to know this...

Authentic Algarve MTB 2020

09/09/2020 08:00
Following the success of the Rota Vicentina tours over the last few years Algarve Bike Holidays tried to create a Transalgarve tour. A ride that contains more mountain biking than cycling on the Ecovia do Litoral, but easier than the Via Algarviana by mtb. So a new route came up and it can be...